Wednesday, May 11, 2011


One of my favorite candies...Frooties.

Using picasa I cropped the background out, saturated it, and darkened the shadows a little.



This is the newest of life..a baby calf just born..

Editing: Using picasa I darkened the shadows a little, highlighted it, and warmed the picure.


In this picture you can definately tell its raining in that area.

Editing: I didnt feel I needed to edit this picture..I like it like this.
We painted our hands on the wall and I really liked this picture because it focused on one or two hands

Editing: I used saturation a little to make the hands more vibrant but that was it.
I braided one of the triplets hair to make the picture more intersting and not just straight down hair.

Editing: I cropped the picture then highlighted and darkened the shadows.
This is the back of my mom's pink track shirt for this year.

Editing: Using picasa I made the picture black and white and darkened the shadows alot so it wasnt as plain.
Red...obvious picture..

Editing: Using picasa I used the saturation a little so i didnt mess up the red then darkened the shadows to make the red stick out more


The shoes i chose are my prom shoes from this year that i like.

Editing: Using picasa I filled the light alot..then darkened shadows..then used saturation


This is one of my mom's blue flower pots. I really like the different shades of blue.

Editing: Using picasa I cropped the photo then used saturation.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


This is a pattern from a bag that i liked.

Editing: Using picasa I cropped the background of the picture out and darkened the shadows but also highlighted the white.


When I think of retro I think of hippies and thats what I tried to show.

Editing: Using picasa I croped the picture and saturated it. I also darkened the shadows


We didnt have any actual lace at my house so this is the closest I could get.

Editing: Using picasa I made the picture black and white then darkened the shadows.