Thursday, February 24, 2011


For father I obviously used a picture of my Dad.

Editing: Using picasa I darkened the shadows.


This was taken at my VanBeek Christmas gathering this past year. We always get together and one of my favorite people to see is Macy (in the picture).

Editing: I used picasa to dull the colors and darken the shadows.


Editing: I tried to black and whited everything but her eyes then boosted the colors but blue didnt show up so good but I thought it still turned out good. I used picnik.

Editing: I blurred the edges and darkened the shadows using picasa.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It may not look like a friendship, but too me its exactly what Brady and Libby's friendship is...annoying eachother.

Editing: I cropped in the photo and darkened the shadows using picasa.

Monday, February 21, 2011


This picture of course is trying to fool you to believe that thats their real bodies.

Editing: On picasa, I increased saturation, and darkened shadows a little bit.


Libby was sooo excited when she won this candy bar.

Editing: Made the shadows darker and put a little glow on it..on picasa


This shows the summer colors that I wish there was right now instead of just white.

Editing: I made the saturation more so there is more contrast between the colors, and made them brighter.


This rose is small but for macro, you can see all the little parts inside that you might not really notice. All the little parts that make it one pretty rose.

Editing: All I did was make the shadows darker on picasa.


This was taken AFTER they won against council bluffs in the dome. it shows both the excitement and friendship of them.

Editing: i made the saturation more and made a little glow on picasa


I chose this picture of Ciara for spirit because shes a cheerleader and always had spirit during football games.

Editing: I increased saturation to make the blue more blue. I also cropped the edges and darkened the shadows.


These type of boots always symbolize work to me. My dad always wears them outside to do work.

Editing: I cropped out parts so just the laces show. I darkened the shadows also, using picasa


For movement I used this picture of Adam during a basketball game.  He is obviously moved a lot to get up there.

Editing: Using picnik, I black and whited everything else except adam and the ball.


This is a picture of my wallet. When you feel it, it has a lot of texture to it and it comes out in the picture that it does also.

Editing: Using Picasa, I cropped the picture so I got just the texture and darkened the shadows a little so there was more contrast of black and white.


I chose this picture because they are all laughing together.

Editing: I desaturated to bring the colors down.  Then I did a soft focus so just theyre faces were clear...all using Picasa.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Newness I chose my puppy, Izzie, when she was just a little fart. She was just so new and innocent...not for long tho.  I just did picasa for a little editing by making the shadows darker to make her black darker.


I chose this for romance because holding hands is just an all around symbol of like and love.

To edit this I used picasa to make it black and white and made alot of shadows so you can just see the fingers and not the background.