Friday, January 28, 2011


I didn't mean for this picture to come out like this but ended up pretty cool. I used picnik to put everything black and white and started to highlight her blue eye but it turned out orange so i just went with it and highlighted her whole eye..then i boosted the color. My mom thought she looked like she had some sort of disease but it can be a little abstract.


All down and 1 "up". It is not really what is expected because the camera isn't even facing up...but there is something up.

For editing all I did to this picture was to make it black and white in picasa. I also made the shadows more.


The beginning of light was i chose this candle. It shows the flames really well and it shows that it is giving off light.

I also used Picasa on this picture by dulling the color of the candle and flames except I dont remember what button it was


I used Braxton cute little smile for "smiles". Not only is he smiling but anyone who sees it has to smile to at how cute he is. :)

This picture I edited a while ago. I make it black and white and increased the shadows using picasa.

5..Body part

For a body part I used Brady's ear because of all the shadows and contrasts between black and white. I put the picture in black and white and increased the shadows  using picasa.


For "art" I used one of Erika's many masterpieces! All I did to editing was darken the black to make it pop out more..using picasa


This is our oven in our kitchen. I used it because it is a big part when preparing a meal.  I used the school's camera to focus on just one notch thing and then put it in black and white and increased the shadows using picasa..

# 13..Cold

When I had to go outside in the morning I always looked at the trees...when they looked like this I new it was going to be feezing and to button up! All I did to the picture was darken the trees to make the contrast more noticable using picasa..


This is an old radio in my house that my mom got from her mom. It doesn't anymore but it still represents "music". Maybe not today's music but the old classics.

On this picture I used the warmify option on picasa to make the colors warmer. Then I increased the shadows just a little to make more contrast.

# 21..Time

I chose an obvious meaning to the word "time". Of course a clock shows the time it is, how much time has passed, and how much time you have left. I used picasa to put this photo in black and white and adjusted some other shadow stuff to make the numbers more distinct so they stand out.